Straight Line Stitch - The Antagonist

You move to close to me playing yourself low-key
I know who you are and why you've come so far
Why should I care as long as you're aware?
You have no hold on me - you are my enemy
You keep on pushing me - I can't hold back
You bring this on yourself if I attack
Please don't bring this out of me for there's no pity and no mercy
I hold it in until I cave in, beneath the surface, underneath the skin
Scrutinize, you don't realize the size of this demise
Third to best first to last
Scripted lives feel imminent among the masses
A borrowed mind goes weak and dies as time passes
Regrouping myself, forgetting the pain that I've felt
Reading between the lines that you gave me
Pick me apart and scatter the pieces
Nameless and stapled shut my eyes are open with one emotion
You're the cause of my demise, my antagony
For once, I cannot say why it's happening
Your choice not mine for the taking
Take me on a different path of retribution
I have no answers for myself
Fire burns in the pupils of many, ice burns in only one
All this at the cost of my dismay with this no compromising
Please don't bring this out of me
You brought this on yourself
Don't beg, don't scream for help

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