Pintandwefall - Sad Song

Quite many nights I have
Heard Jeff Buckley singing
Although he's already dead
He sings: "She was heartache from the
Moment that you meet her" and
I think she is like me

It feels funny that I don't know you anymore
I just know so well the boy that you were before
The last year we were together I did everything so wrong
I think I'd be better now but I know that it doesn't count

And I haven't found a love song
That would help me out of this
So I had to make my own, my own
This is my sad song, love song,
sad song, love song

You were always sad 'cause you
Lost your History - album
The one by Michael Jackson
I hope that you got it now and I
Want you to know that I've been
Really sad 'cause I lost you

We made songs together and the lyrics were like shit
But it was the best time just like all the times with you
You always made me laugh and without you I wouldn't be
Even this sane and quite normal that I am today

And I know that I am guilty
I think I know it too well
And all the time I'm just talking and crying about this
When you're just trying to forget

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