Lost In Alaska - Raise The Banners

Rise against oppressors
Break the bonds of pastness
Hasten what is yet to come
You can not hide your hatred

Call into the being brave new purgatory
Hear their lamentations
Nigh is day of reckoning

Creations castaway
Put to pointless agony
Burst with broken promises
Of kingdom, meant to thrive on human bones


Raise the banners emblazoned with the scars of your ordeal
Let the revelation come upon you
Be the new age Moses for the fallen ones

Breach the walls
of your deepest fears

The Epoch of Filth evokes
Harlotry of emotions
You shall obliterate
This sanctuary of transgression

Will you bend
Will you suffer

How many lies will you let in
How long will last your meek obeyance

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