Kimaera - Claim The Dark

Through your body reflects a serene, silent still
Your heart's throes resound a nature of a violent kind

What hope is aroused in your cavernous breast?
What unspoken pleas brew, in that brooding breath?
When warmth has long left these withered veins
And my hallowed bones are all that remain

Begone out of sight
Begone into the night

Where Gods mourn their dying might
And angels weep their fading light
On your damn bloodied knees
Fall and plead unto me
Bend the flesh to your pleasing
This love made so obscene
Claim the dark away from me
Please wither and leave me be

Your last breath, enchanting death
Dawn of cries, where the dark lies

Cherish my pain, never forget
Tears will fall, never again
Embrace the silence and drift away
The trail of memories would lead you to me

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